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July 10, 2017
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July 11, 2017

The First People in Sedona

Sedona started attracting her first residents around 8000 BC

They were a band of paleo indians that crossed the Bering Straight from Asia and found their way into Sedona.  They subsisted on wild game such as big horn sheep, elk and deer as well as gathering plants and berries and pinyon nuts.

The Navajo named these people Anasazi which is a word that means “The Ancient strangers”  or “Ancient Enemies” For mysterious reasons the Anasazi left here very quickly.  The most impressive about these people is their cliff dwellings and Kiva’s.  To this day they are very well preserved due to how well they were built.  They were built into the cliffs for a means of protection, with only one way out.  Every aspect of their daily living could be performed in the dwellings with the exception of hunting and growing food.

The Anasazi for their religious ceremonies would build deep pits from within there dwelling called Kiva’s where they would perform their ceremonies.  You can find they are very well intact dwellings and Kivas around the American SouthWest many of them right here in the canyons around Sedona.  The Anasazi legends brings us the story of the Kokopelli.  A little man called Kokopelli at night would travel from village to village playing his flute and carrying a sack of corn.  He would play his flute in the cornfields while the people were asleep.  The next day when they would wake to find their corn crop was much taller than the day before.  The Anasazi have modern day archeologists stumped with how they built their dwellings.  They came here and put in hundreds of miles of roads.  They created ways to control water flow and their life was always about the farming.  The Anasazi did all of this without the use of the wheel or using animals for transportation.  The real enigma is some of their cliff dwellings are so high up in the mountains that today the only way to access some of their dwellings is using rope climbers.  Archeologist wonder did the Anasazi use ropes and if so what were they made of.

Besides the advanced architecture of the time period there is another larger mystery that torment the archeologists.  The Anasazi link to Greece.  If you look at Anasazi from a greek perspective the first part of their name Anasa is greek for “Breathe” and ZI means “lives”  One theory is Anasa was the Queen of the Anasazi as well as one of the Queens of the Amazon.  Therefor the word Anasazi can mean “Long live the Queen”.

Another puzzle to the life of the Anasazi is if why did they simply abandon everything they built.  One theory is drought or simply ran out of food.  IF that were the case why not move on….they simply disappeared.  There are many beliefs about this the most common is they were aliens that simply left when the Mother Ship returned for them.  That actually could explain a lot about the technology and amazing knowledge of agriculture they possessed.  They possessed knowledge in astronomy as well.  There is remnants of a astronimical observatory in which they used the sky to plan their daily and religious life.  Another interesting thing is the Anasazi were the first people to use looms to weave cotton.  They very cleverly used yucca leaves and turkey feathers to make sandals.  The thing that makes me believe they are from another dimension or planet or universe is they for some reason the babies skulls were flattened and broadened by cradleboards which I believe they may have did that so the babies would resemble the “Gods” who brought them here from the 3rd world into what we are now in the 4th world.

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