My top 10 must see in Sedona

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July 10, 2017
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July 16, 2017

My top 10 must see in Sedona area

Sedona is best know as the spiritual / healing capital of the world.  The Vortex’s here in Sedona are very powerful and when you correctly connect with a vortex it can be a transformative spiritual third eye opening that will continue to grow long after you leave Sedona.  There are 108 vortexes on our beautiful blue planet of which 7 are here in 20 square miles in Sedona.  The easy vortexes to get to which are my top  5 must do while in Sedona

#1… must do is our masculine vortex called Cathedral Rock.  Cathedral is without a doubt the most photographed rock formation here in Sedona.  Cathedral has a large trailhead parking just be sure to buy your red rock pass at trailhead parking lot

#2…Next stop is our Feminine vortex Bell Rock just a few minutes down from Cathedral at the Trailhead called CourtHouse Vista just past bell rock bridge

#3…From Bell Rock head back toward Sedona North on 179 to the Chapel Roundabout going right onto Chapel to the Chapel of the Holy Cross…Be sure to read my blog on the chapel.

#4…Leave Chapel continue North on 179 and take the roundabout to Hwy 89A headed South to the first light past the last roundabout turn Left on Airport rd.  about 1 mile up the hill you will see a small trailhead for about 10 cars so send the parking angels ahead to save you a spot for Airport Vortex.  This is the easiest of all the vortexes to access and not only take in the healing energy but get some of the best pictures in Sedona.  Plan on doing this at sunrise or sunset it will not let down.  Travel on up the hill at the lookout point for even further views out into the canyon.  There is a restaurant going past the lookout point that will not disappoint as well.

#5…Last Vortex stop will be Boynton Canyon best know as the Past life recall canyon it is both masculine and feminine vortex and many people tell me about the mysterious and exciting changes that Boynton Canyon can bring to the surface.  The best and easiest trail in the canyon will be found at a trailhead called Dead Man’s Pass.  I do like walking this trail on a full moon for even more of life’s mysteries to be revealed

#6…Now that you have hit the top 5 vortexes my next favorite stop is Montezuma Castle.  This is such a gorgeous area with an amazingly well preserved cliff dwelling.  In 1906 when President Roosevelt declared it one of the first national monuments.  This assured the continued protection of one of the most preserved and prehistoric cliff dwellings in North America.  Montezuma Castle quickly became a very popular destination for America’s first car bound tourists.  Don’t miss this as well as Montezuma Well not far from the castle.

#7…If you love native American ruins then you do not want to miss Sunset Crater just outside of Flagstaff.  Truly spectacular 5 different stops to see ruins.  After you enter the national monument on the way to the ruins you will be going thru the most amazing and gorgeous Volcanic fields.  Some fields have the largest lava rocks that is magical to walk around these amazing stones that came from deep in the earth to sparkling cinder fields of sparkling lava that looks like black glass.  A magical place full of fire energy.

#8…Slide Rock state park.  Spend a day of wild wet fun in this naturally forming slides on Oak Creek.  This water is cool and refreshing as well as very healing.  The park will fill up right away so be sure to be there when the gate opens and plan on spending the day.  Take plenty of sunscreen and enjoy the red rock beauty the park is surrounded by

#9…While this does not mean it is at the bottom of my list in no way of course do not miss a day at the Grand Canyon.  We locals have a saying “God made the Grand Canyon but lives in Sedona”  The Bright Angel trail is at the South Rim which is great hiking May-September.

#10…My last all time favorite places is Walnut Canyon just outside of Flagstaff off I-40.  Another masterpiece our early settlers left for us.  If you appreciate history and how our first settlers lived and worked with the Southwest rock this is breathtaking and so well preserved.

I hope this gives you a start when planning your time here in Sedona.  Some of the most spectacular ruins and dwellings are right around here and of course sedona is built around the energetic vortexes so you will be plugged in if not a bit shaken up by the energy here.  The best tip I can give you about being here is stay hydrated while out on the rocks and trails.  We are at 4500 foot and Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon hovers around 7000 ft. elevation.  Enjoy our slice of heaven and stay safe, pull over when driving and take pictures because there will be another  breathtaking view around every bend.  One of the most scenic drives you can take is the switchbacks thru Oak Creek Canyon on Hwy 89A to Flagstaff.  Be sure to contact me while your here with any questions or suggestions email me anytime…

Come Visit Sedona!!!

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